tring out landscape output parsing

parent a6b92a24
......@@ -7,7 +7,8 @@ stages:
- deployment
- apk add --no-cache unzip wget ca-certificates make gnupg && update-ca-certificates
- apk add --no-cache unzip wget ca-certificates make gnupg ruby build-base ruby-dev && update-ca-certificates
- gem install --no-rdoc --no-ri terraform_landscape json multi_json
# Terraform requires a key file for TF_VAR_ssh_key. We don't really use it
# but it has to be there.
- echo "This is not a real key" > /fake_user_key
......@@ -46,7 +47,14 @@ staging_tf_plan:
name: staging
- cd environments/staging && /terraform init -input=false -backend-config="bucket=${STATE_S3_BUCKET}" -backend-config="key=${STATE_S3_KEY}" -backend-config="region=${STATE_S3_REGION}" && /terraform plan -input=false
- cd environments/staging && /terraform init -input=false -backend-config="bucket=${STATE_S3_BUCKET}" -backend-config="key=${STATE_S3_KEY}" -backend-config="region=${STATE_S3_REGION}" && /terraform plan -input=false | landscape
stage: planning
name: gprd
- cd environments/gprd && /terraform init -input=false -backend-config="bucket=${STATE_S3_BUCKET}" -backend-config="key=${STATE_S3_KEY}" -backend-config="region=${STATE_S3_REGION}" && /terraform plan -input=false | landscape
# NOTE: last time this was enabled the following problems were encountered:
# 1. our bootstrap tied to chef-repo. co chef-repo on ci -- no bootstrap
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