Commit b1481d5e authored by John Skarbek's avatar John Skarbek

Merge branch 'jarv/increase-realtime-capacity' into 'master'

Increase capacity of realtime.

See merge request !516
parents ff4e1c75 a14c1b1e
......@@ -255,7 +255,7 @@ variable "machine_types" {
"sidekiq-pages" = "n1-standard-8"
"sidekiq-pipeline" = "n1-standard-8"
"sidekiq-pullmirror" = "n1-standard-8"
"sidekiq-realtime" = "n1-standard-8"
"sidekiq-realtime" = "n1-highmem-16"
"sidekiq-traces" = "n1-standard-8"
"stor" = "n1-standard-32"
"web" = "n1-standard-16"
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