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Link to the new chef repo.  The old repo is marked deprecated.

See merge request !778
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#### Getting Started:
1. Clone [chef-repo]( if you haven't already.
1. Clone [chef-repo]( if you haven't already.
1. Install `pwgen`. If you're using brew you can simply run `brew install pwgen`.
1. It is highly suggested to utilize some sort of terraform versioning manager such as [tfenv]( with `brew install tfenv` in order to manage multiple versions of Terraform. So if _for instance_ you want to install version 0.9.8 all you have to do it run `tfenv install 0.9.8` and enable it with `tfenv use 0.9.8`. To verify this, run `terraform -version` and check the version string. See the _Important Notes_ section above to determine which versions are used in our environment.
1. There are two wrapper scripts in the `bin/` directory that should be used in place of the `terraform` executable, `tf` and `tf-init`. Ensure that `gitlab-com-infrastructure/bin` is in your $PATH
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