Commit d8694ea6 authored by John Skarbek's avatar John Skarbek
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Merge branch 'jts/add-delay-start-logs' into 'master'

Add delay-start container logs to stackdriver

See merge request !2820
parents 0157cb36 6355ea54
......@@ -2332,3 +2332,12 @@ resource "google_logging_project_sink" "gke-gitlab-nginx-stderr" {
unique_writer_identity = "true"
# Send all stdout logs from our NGINX Ingresses initContainer `delay-start` to StackDriver
resource "google_logging_project_sink" "gke-gitlab-nginx-delay-start" {
name = "gke-gitlab-nginx-delay-start"
destination = "${var.project}/locations/global/buckets/_Default"
filter = "resource.type = \"k8s_container\" labels.\"k8s-pod/app\" = \"nginx-ingress\" resource.labels.container_name = \"delay-start\""
unique_writer_identity = "true"
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