Commit 4d932e75 authored by Devin Sylva's avatar Devin Sylva

Merge branch 'devin/change_dr_file_storage' into 'master'

Changing the storage type for DR file nodes

See merge request !733
parents 25766e31 ec7bf701
......@@ -371,7 +371,7 @@ module "file" {
chef_provision = "${var.chef_provision}"
chef_run_list = "\"role[${var.environment}-base-stor-gitaly]\""
data_disk_size = "${var.data_disk_sizes["file"]}"
data_disk_type = "pd-ssd"
data_disk_type = "pd-standard"
dns_zone_name = "${var.dns_zone_name}"
egress_ports = "${var.egress_ports}"
environment = "${var.environment}"
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