Commit a6d233cc authored by Ben Kochie's avatar Ben Kochie


Current CPU and memory utilization shows we are 8-10x overprovisioned.
Reduce by 4x, saves ~3500/year.
parent a7cf3e87
......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ variable "machine_types" {
"dashboards-com" = "n1-standard-4"
"monitor" = "n1-standard-8"
"monitoring" = "n1-standard-2"
"gitlab-ops" = "n1-standard-16"
"gitlab-ops" = "n1-standard-4"
"runner-build" = "n1-standard-32"
"runner-chatops" = "n1-standard-8"
"runner-release" = "n1-standard-8"
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