Commit c4149095 authored by John Skarbek's avatar John Skarbek

Configure the node upgrade to happen in lock step with gprd

* Setting this flag will prevent node upgrades from occurring when the
API nodes are set to upgrade
* This is only a configuration change and will not perform any actions
on the cluster
* This is step 1 of 3
parent cdf5a9f1
......@@ -1923,7 +1923,7 @@ module "gitlab-gke" {
machine_type = var.machine_types["gitlab-gke"]
max_node_count = "30"
node_auto_repair = "true"
node_auto_upgrade = "false"
node_auto_upgrade = "true"
node_disk_size_gb = "100"
node_disk_type = "pd-ssd"
preemptible = "false"
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