Commit 13e41ea3 authored by Robert Speicher's avatar Robert Speicher
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Update Unicorn config

parent 196a79a5
# TODO (rspeicher): Change path
@dir = "/path/to/app/"
dir = "/path/to/app/"
worker_processes 2
working_directory @dir
working_directory dir
timeout 30
listen "#{@dir}tmp/sockets/unicorn.sock", backlog: 64
listen File.join(dir, %w(tmp sockets unicorn.sock)), backlog: 64
pid "#{@dir}tmp/pids/"
pid File.join(dir, %w(tmp pids
stderr_path "#{@dir}log/unicorn.stderr.log"
stdout_path "#{@dir}log/unicorn.stdout.log"
stderr_path File.join(dir, %w(log unicorn.stderr.log))
stdout_path File.join(dir, %w(log unicorn.stdout.log))
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