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Update and some parameter's descriptions

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......@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ mvn clean package -P executable
This will generate output with collected stats of all processes (should be run as root) every 3 seconds:
bin/pgio -D <postgresql data dir>
## Options
......@@ -91,17 +91,23 @@ bin/pgio
Option Description
------ -----------
-D <String> Specifies the file system location of the database
configuration files. If this is omitted, the
environment variable PGDATA is used.
-a, --advanced Enable advanced options
-d, --debug Show debug messages
-g, --group <String> Group results using specified group configuration file
(advanced option)
-h, --help Displays this help message and quit
-i, --interval <String> Interval in milliseconds to gather stats (default:
--no-print-header Suppress print of CSV header
-o, --show-other Print read/write data not accounted by any listed
--ppid <String> Parent pid of the process to scan (if not specified
will scan all processes)
--print-header Print header
--ppid <String> Parent pid of the process to scan (advanced option)
--prometheus-format Print output in prometheus format
-s, --show-system Print read/write data for the whole system
-v, --version Show version and quit
-v, --version Show version and quit
### Group configuration file
......@@ -131,16 +131,12 @@ public class Main {
"Enable advanced options");
"Print output in prometheus format");
"Enable advanced options")
"Parent pid of the process to scan"
+ " (if not specified will collect stats from all processes)")
"Parent pid of the process to scan (advanced option)")
parser.acceptsAll(Lists.newArrayList("g", "group"),
"Group results using specified group configuration file")
"Group results using specified group configuration file (advanced option)")
return parser;
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