Commit 5b7ff4f3 authored by Matteo Melli's avatar Matteo Melli
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Set a official default port for prometheus service.

parent 9e9d83aa
......@@ -194,11 +194,11 @@ public class Main {
"Run as a prometheus service (advanced option)")
"The bind address of prometheus service (advanced option)")
"The bind address of prometheus service, default is localhost (advanced option)")
"The port of prometheus service (advanced option)")
"The port of prometheus service, default is 9544 (advanced option)")
......@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ public class Config {
private Optional<Integer> ppid = Optional.empty();
private boolean prometheusService;
private InetAddress prometheusBind;
private int prometheusPort = 8000;
private int prometheusPort = 9544;
private boolean noPrintHeader;
private boolean showSystem;
private boolean showOther;
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